Education. As a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, in Western NY, he began his career in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care. He transitioned to Orthopedic Surgery where he eventually specialized in lower extremity Joint Replacement. Having performed thousands of surgeries, he received his Certificate of Advanced Qualification in Orthopedic Surgery.

Focus. Although his work in Acute Care and surgery was impactful, he began to realize the limitations of a healthcare system that operates in a sick care model, focusing primarily on treating active disease. He realized that a paradigm shift was necessary to empower people to understand that through knowledge of the Foundational Pillars of Health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress mitigation), one can truly take control of their life and well-being.

Impact. Ryan has training in Dietary Epigenetics through Stanford University and holds a certification in the Clinical Application of Therapeutic Peptides. He now focuses on restoring balance of the body and mind and works with his clients to push the limits of their inherent potential; ultimately aiming to optimize their lifespan, health span, physical performance, cognition, and emotional well-being.